A 3-part episodic travel series for the Atlanta Braves to help connect the outer market fans in support of the 2018 #ChopOn campaign.

Part One

Greenville, South Carolina

Part Two

Birmingham, Alabama

Part Three

Nashville, Tennessee


Pouya Dianat | Director/Producer
Patrick Duffy | 1st AD /Producer
Christian Palma | Producer
Mallory Dianat | Executive Producer
Aaron Chewning | Host/Producer
Logan Riely | Camera A, Cameron Hart | Camera B
Adam Jones, Jeff Thomas | Audio
Jillian Kibler | D.I.T.
Drew McClintock, Alyssa Thaxton, Carl Fonticella, Nic Huey | Production Asst.
Courtney Watkins, Jeff Heun | Camper Design
Post production by Moonshine Post